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How to learn to dance: video lessons for those who are not afraid to try


Hello! Yesterday I received a message from the girl Ali.

She asked me to tell you how to learn how to dance at home if you are new to dancing. Ala, great job!

Dancing improves physical condition, plasticity, mood, makes you more confident in yourself, and thanks to the abundance of video lessons on dancing, you can learn how to move beautifully at home.

For Ali and those who want to learn dancing at home, I wrote an article on where to start, what to look for and what will help to easily learn dancing at home.

Learn, try, enjoy learning! I will be glad to feedback: reposts, retweets, comments, likes!

Why even learn to dance?

Movement is life. Not only youth but also older people cannot do without movement. In order to move, it is not necessary to be actively involved in sports or aerobics, because it is often exhausting, as it requires a lot of effort and time. And to get the necessary “portion” of movement, and at the same time a lot of positive emotions, dancing will help.

Many complex due to the fact that they do not know how to dance. Nevertheless, this problem is very easily solved, because you can learn dancing at any age, and here whether you attended any dancing clubs or not will not play any role. Dancing energizes and brings joy to both young children and the older generation.

What do we get?

Good plasticity, beautiful movements, graceful and easy walking - all this you will gain after dancing. When a person dances, almost all muscle tissue is involved, and the load is evenly distributed over all parts of the body, due to which weight loss occurs. Dance, and you will gain an attractive figure, getting rid of extra pounds.

Dance movements will allow you to forget about constraint and self-doubt forever. Now you can easily make new friends and expand your circle of friends. Many people meet their soul mate in clubs or on dance floors, so it is possible that you will find your love in this environment. When dancing, you will gain new impressions and experience vivid emotions.

Dance movements improve the work of the cardiovascular system, normalize blood pressure, saturate the internal organs and tissues of the body with oxygen, strengthen the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which will help get rid of constipation, hemorrhoids and other problems.

With dancing, the stoop disappears and a correct and beautiful posture is developed, the spine becomes more flexible, back pain disappears. In addition, dances strengthen joints and ligaments, increase the tone of all organs. Belly dancing can even cure some gynecological diseases. In a word, if you want to improve your body, then dancing is exactly what you need.

Depression or depressed mood? Feeling of uselessness, loneliness and isolation - instantly disappear if you start to dance. It is known that dancing improves not only the physical, but also the mental and psychological state of a person.

Where can I learn dance?

Dancing is now fashionable and popular, however, people want not only to move to the music, but also to make their movements beautiful and graceful. Currently, schools and dance academies, as well as clubs and studios, where you are professionally trained in various types of dances, are opening in most towns and cities: sports, ballroom and many others. Therefore, first you need to decide on the purpose of attending classes and dance style.

The choice among those who wish is very large and depends on the preferred direction. Currently available:

  • Ballroom dancing, including a smooth waltz, foxtrot, daring tango, incendiary samba, rumba, cha-cha-cha and the like,
  • Romantic, classical and modern ballet,
  • Historical style: minuet, polonaise, mazurka,
  • Folk dances, popular in different parts of the world, such as: hopak, belly dance, polka, gypsy and others,
  • Everyone's favorite Latin American dances, which include the Argentinean tango, mamba, bolero, lambada and others,
  • Well, the most popular are modern dances, for example, club dances, Break Dance, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Tectonic and many others.

It is not necessary to attend a specialized school, it can be done at home. You can take advantage of video materials and training programs that are easy to find over the Internet. Another way is to buy discs with dance lessons. However. for professionalism you will need a coach.

If you or your child sincerely dream of becoming a true professional in the field of dancing and conquering the stage, then you need to enroll in a professional dance school. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of such a specialized school and approach this issue with full responsibility. Most often, admission to professional institutions occurs immediately after passing the exam or passing a rigorous selection.

But the dance schools are equipped with everything necessary for dance classes: large dance halls, neat locker rooms with an individual wardrobe for everyone, showers. The composition of teachers, as a rule, is based on professionals who have extensive experience and are able to find an approach to each student.

Usually, in dance training institutions, before classes, students are divided into groups, in accordance with the training. Beginners are assigned to a group where dance training starts from scratch.

Friendly, attentive and respectful students, teachers help beginners quickly adapt to new situations. Acquaintances are made between the students, and the atmosphere becomes friendly and fun. Thus, the learning process is quick and easy, and each student begins to look forward to the next lesson.

When choosing a dance school or club, important factors are also:

  • The location of the school. The ideal option is when the institution is nearby, so you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on the road.
  • Cost of education, which depends on how many hours and classes will be provided. Of course, in vocational schools the cost of education is higher than in regular ones. In some places, beginners are given free one-time classes or a fairly low cost of training. And regular customers, when buying a subscription, receive discounts or additional hours of classes as a gift.

Everyone can dance beautifully

Before starting classes, you need to carefully approach the choice of clothing for dancing. Clothing and shoes should be comfortable and appropriate to your chosen dance style. For example, dress and shoes are ideal for classical dances, and for a hip-hop or break dance - a wide T-shirt, trousers and sports shoes.

In order to dance correctly, you must listen to the recommendations of your coach. You will have to make a lot of effort and effort, because you have to work out the same movement many times to achieve its correct execution to the music.

The first attempts may not succeed, as the movements will be clumsy, but over time, the technique of movements will improve, you will be able to catch the right rhythm and learn how to move correctly. The main thing is not to be upset and continue training, while maintaining a positive mood. After all, the result depends on the mood. Treat your failures easier, and soon the movements will be absorbed much easier.

If you like to practice and you strive to achieve success in your endeavors, then you need to try to train at home, as many movements can simply be forgotten for the next lesson. Dance at home while practicing your movement technique and developing a sense of rhythm to your favorite music. It is also useful to attend discos, dance in the circle of acquaintances. Believe in yourself, and then your efforts will not be in vain.

About break dance

Break dance is a dance. And this, as many might think, is an uneasy broken rhythm. It uses specific movements, aerobics. The contractor must have high physical fitness and plasticity.

For beginners, one fact needs to be clarified - break dance lessons should start with a warm-up. Let's start with the toprock. Put your feet shoulder width apart. Start with steps to the sides, alternating between legs. Gradually including in the movement of the hand. Done! Getting to the next exercise. Turn around ninety degrees on the heels of your feet. First on one leg, then on the other.

Breakdance for beginners

Consider the types of breakdance elements:

  • footwork - with this element, the legs work only on the floor. The following elements belong to the footwear: scramble, 5-step, Zulu spin, swing, etc.,
  • frieze (Freeze) - Fading in some complicated and / or interesting pose for a few seconds. There are a lot of examples of elements of friezes: baby frieze, tartle frieze, air baby frieze, etc.,
  • Toprock - break element movement in which passes from above. It includes many elements: Indian step, cross step, front step, etc.,
  • Power Mov - these are the power elements of a break. High standards for the physical preparation of the performer. The following elements of rotation are distinguished: fly, candle, gelik, baby mils, etc.

Now we’ll take a closer look at some elements in order to know how to learn break dancing at home. We start with a 6-step, i.e. 6 steps. Put your hands on the floor, legs should be bent at the knees and spaced slightly wider than the shoulders. With your left foot you need to step forward. Then sit down to it and again move the left leg to the side and return to the starting position.

Baby frieze is one of the simplest freeze-friezes in break dance. To do this, rest your elbow on the side of the abdomen. Place your left hand opposite your right, and with your head you need to rest on the floor, creating a triangle with the top point on your head. A triangle is made to make it easier to stand. Hands should be directed to the sides. Tear off your feet from the floor and make a motion with scissors. This is the baby frieze. It is ideal as an introduction to friezes for beginners.

Beck spin is an element of rotation. In this element, we will spin on the back. This spin is very important since it is the starting point for studying the elements of rotation. Lie on your back. The need to lie is not on the back, but on the shoulder blades and the pelvis should be torn off the floor. Try to wave your legs and scroll. Now let's move on to calling on the baby frieze. Lie in a half-twine - the left leg is stretched forward, the back is folded under the pelvis. Then the swing with the right foot is performed, and go into the turn on the shoulder blades.

In fact, there are a lot of breakdance elements! Go for it! Remember that you are dancing primarily for yourself. Watch a break dance lesson video to learn more about a bunch of other break elements.

Is it difficult to learn to dance?

In fact, this is no more complicated than any other business in which you are new. Dance styles are very different from each other. Even if you have mastered one of them, it will be unusual for you to engage in others.

However, all dances are associated with the ability to control your body. And if this is not new to you (for example, you practiced martial arts, gymnastics, swimming, and even more so dancing), it will be easier for you to adapt to new movements than a beginner who is not friends with his body.

Even if you have a rather wooden body, do not despair. The secret to success is in constant practice.

Learning to dance in video lessons is more difficult than in courses. If your body is flexible and obedient, you can still do something similar to the instructor’s movements from the video. If not, you can quickly be disappointed in dancing: the difference between what is shown in the video and what you see in the mirror will be too strong.

Still worth a try. At least in order to decide on a suitable direction.

How many times a week to dance?

After exercise, the muscles may hurt at first. But, unlike strength training or running, the body does not need a recovery period.

Therefore, you can safely engage in dancing constantly. One of my teachers said that you need to dance 25 hours a day. In any case, the more you dance, the more noticeable the progress.

Slimming Dances

Dance can rightly be called one of the most ancient arts. For many centuries, humanity through it expressed different emotions and desires, noted various significant events. Through dance movements, people sent prayers to the gods for the granting of peace and longevity, sunny days, rain and fertility, health and happiness.

In modern conditions, dancing is also very relevant for self-expression. In addition, modern women can successfully use them to get rid of extra pounds and gaining a slimmer figure.

Dances for weight loss for beginners: recovery and harmony

Many fitness clubs offer such comprehensive programs specifically designed for weight loss - as a rule, such a pleasure is not too cheap. In addition, creative individuals can do dancing at home, as this is a great way to improve your body and find the desired harmony. Dancing for losing weight at home provides a very pleasant opportunity to eliminate extra pounds at no extra cost, as well as find inner harmony.

With the help of rhythmic dance movements, you can tone the body, strengthen muscles, burn extra calories, improve blood circulation and normalize lymphatic drainage, as well as speed up the metabolic process. As a result, fat deposits begin to melt in an accelerated mode, and with them extra centimeters at the waist. Psychologists say that physical activity in the form of dances is characterized by the following useful action:

  • allows you to relieve nervous tension and increase resistance to stress,
  • teaches to love your body and helps to increase self-esteem,
  • improves mood.

The resulting charge of energy and energy helps to combat stress, which, as you know, is the driving force of overeating. Endorphins, released during dance classes to pleasant music, contribute to effective relaxation, relieving you of the desire to make devastating raids on food supplies.

To achieve optimal results of the use of dancing for weight loss, you should follow the advice of nutritionists and try to balance your diet in order to observe a proper diet in parallel with such exercises - for this you need to perceive food as fuel for energy.

How to dance losing weight

Learning to dance is quite real - for this you can use video tutorials or visit to start several individual or group classes under the guidance of a coach. Download the appropriate accompaniment in the form of video lessons on the Internet or purchase a disc with a dance program for weight loss is easy, with their help it is quite effective to dance at home.

If you wish, you can master the appropriate type of dance in a dance studio or through training in a fitness club. In any case, these motor loads will help get rid of extra pounds. In the presence of nervous overload, many dance practices help to get rid of stress no less effectively than psychotherapy, swimming or yoga.

Choosing the right place to dance for weight loss is easy. To do this, you should ask about the presence of a sports dance section in the nearest sports center or fitness club. You can join a club for women who want to lose weight through dancing. In addition, there is the possibility of compiling an individual program taking into account personal needs for classes under the guidance of an experienced trainer - in a sports club or at home.

You can also do weight loss dancing at home, using videos with dance fitness programs. Thus, you can try different styles of dancing at home and choose what you like best.

Types of Slimming Dances for Beginners

Various types of dances to one degree or another help to accelerate calorie consumption and promote weight loss. Nevertheless, there are recommendations which beginners should give priority to what weight loss dances. It is believed that single dancing at a fairly fast pace is most effective for this.

The following types of dances will help you to feel the body and learn how to manage it, improve your posture and acquire feline grace, as well as lose weight:

  • Latin American as such dances are very energetic and fiery. Rhythmic movements will help to engage various muscle groups, effectively burn calories and lose weight. Excellent posture, a taut belly and about minus 900 kcal per hour - the result of such exercises for weight loss dances for beginners,
  • Eastern dance помогут ускорить метаболизм и устранить лишние килограммы, в результате таких занятий наблюдается укрепление мышцы спины, плечевого пояса, а также брюшного пресса. К тому же данный вид танцев оказывает позитивное влияние на деятельность половой системы женщины. При помощи восточных танцев можно сжечь порядка 450 ккал в час,
  • занятия фламенко will strengthen the calf muscles and back. Such regular training will help normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as normalize weight. The result of an hour of flamenco classes is minus 650 kcal per hour,
  • strip of plastic includes elements of Latin American and Eastern directions and is most suitable for people with sports training, as it will require a good stretch. Sometimes this direction is called erotic-acrobatic studies. During training of this kind, various muscle groups are involved, including the buttocks and abdomen, as well as the legs and back. With the help of such regular trainings, you can achieve a loss of about 800-1200 kcal per hour, as well as tighten the body contours, change your image and increase self-confidence,
  • dances in the style of jazz modern came to us from America and are movements that require very energetic returns. Jazz Modern has incorporated elements of various dance styles, including break, R’n’B, hip-hop and step. Such slimming dances for beginners will help you quickly lose weight and work out various muscle groups, while you can burn about 1000 kcal per hour,
  • special attention should be paid to the popular dance for weight loss zumba. Such a specialized training program on effectiveness is equivalent to cardio training and gives a pronounced effect of weight loss, while having a beneficial effect on the activity of the cardiovascular system. Zumba classes can burn up to 700 kcal per hour.

It is important not only to choose a dance system for weight loss, but also to choose a type of dance to your liking, so that you can do it for your pleasure - otherwise such an activity can quickly become boring, and it will be difficult to achieve weight loss.
Many women set the goal to lose weight in a certain area - for example, in the abdomen or buttocks.

Nevertheless, it is worth considering that weight loss, like weight gain, occurs according to the laid down genetics. Thanks to dancing, you can pump up muscles and get the best tone in a hard-worked zone, and a decrease in body fat will occur in the order established by nature.

Existing contraindications

It is worth considering that dancing for weight loss is essentially one of the types of physical activity, so there are some contraindications for their use. If you want to actively engage in dancing for weight loss, it is recommended to consult a doctor first.

Contraindications for such classes include:

  • spinal diseases or joint problems,
  • disturbances in the work of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs,
  • hypertension,
  • pregnancy period
  • phlebeurysm.

Training should also be postponed in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases, the presence of fever, headache, malaise and weakness, as well as during critical days.

Useful Tips

To maximize the organization of dancing classes for weight loss at home, you should take into account some tips:

  • if there is such an opportunity, it is worthwhile to highlight a spacious room with a large mirror for training so that it is convenient to move, and at the same time you can monitor your movements,
  • to tune in the right way, it is advisable to exclude external irritants - it’s more convenient to do it alone, disconnecting for a while from everyday problems,
  • It is not recommended to start classes less than an hour after eating. In addition, after training, it is also not recommended to eat for an hour,
  • it’s worth experimenting with music in order to choose a pleasant and dynamic melody that tunes in the right way,
  • in the first days of classes you should not overload your body - start training, gradually increasing the load, for effective weight loss you will need to conduct classes 5 times a week for at least 40 minutes - or 3 times a week, increasing the time of training (in this case, you need to do hour and a half),
  • in parallel with dancing, to reduce weight, you need to establish a balanced diet, minimizing flour and sweet in the diet, otherwise tangible weight loss is hardly to be expected. In addition, you will need to add fiber to your diet, as well as protein foods.

In addition, for practicing weight loss dancing for beginners, it is necessary to choose comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement, as well as comfortable shoes. At the same time, it is worth considering that it is unlikely to be pleasant for you to work in darned old trousers and a worn T-shirt, while well-chosen clothes can stimulate further training in order to find the perfect figure.

This program of dance exercises was developed by a Colombian fitness instructor in the eighties of the last century. In it, to the rhythmic and incendiary music in the style of Latin, it is necessary to repeat the movements after the coach. Peculiar fitness dances for weight loss will contribute to the study of problem areas, with their help it is easy to use the press, tighten the contours of the body, improve posture, pump up the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

As a rule, these workouts are quite easy, while losing weight will not take long. The load will help burn calories faster, and this effect persists even after exercise. Having spent about two to three hours a week on such slimming dances for beginners, one can notice a noticeable weight loss.

Eastern dance

Many women dream of mastering the belly dance for weight loss - because it looks very erotic, while making muscles work, often not involved in everyday life. These skills will help strengthen the abdominal muscles, as well as the back and hips. With the development of such smooth or energetic movements, you can get rid of your inner stiffness and feel like a real woman.

Arabic dances will help increase flexibility and artistry, while strengthening joints and the spine. Such a smoothly increasing load virtually eliminates the possibility of injury and is suitable for women of any complexion. Thanks to vibrational movements, with these trainings, you can not only work out directly involved muscles of the abdomen, back and buttocks, but also get a portion of massage for the whole body, as well as more elastic and toned forms.


Contemporari combined elements of modern jazz, yoga and martial arts, seasoned with improvisations and attention to breathing. It is freedom and plasticity - the natural beauty of movement.

Here is a video with a combination in contemporary style. Try it, just remember to warm up well and stretch out before you teach.

And here is the second part:

By the way, about the warm-up. In the video below - a full lesson with a warm-up, stretching and analysis of the combination. In English, but everything is clear without translation.

If you do not have time to repeat or consider how any movement is made, set the speed to 0.25.

If you liked the combinations, but you still can’t repeat them, here are a few more clips with routine classes on contemporary music.

Most likely, the same thing will have to be done at the dance school, before you manage to perform beautiful combinations.

Strip of plastic

Many people confuse pylon classes and strip plastic. The second is just a sensual dance that can be performed without a pole.

When doing strip plastic, you will not stand at the machine and pull the sock. Everything here is based on the natural sexuality of the female body. Of course, many teachers diversify strip plastic with elements of contemporary or modern, Latin American dances and other areas, but it all depends on the teacher.

How beautiful your dance will look, again depends on how well you can control your body, how mobile your joints and stretched muscles and tendons are.

In the video below there is an analysis of the combination. Not too simple, but very sensual and beautiful. And you do not have to make movements on the floor, so that your knees will not suffer.

And here is a playlist with strip plastic lessons from different dance schools. There are separate movements and combinations.

And another, simpler combination. Try if the first one doesn’t work out.

Belly Dance (Bellidance)

This is a sensual and beautiful dance, which, among other things, helps to develop plasticity and even get rid of some health problems.

There are so many belly dance lessons on YouTube. Below are some of them.

Here, the main movements are explained very easily:

Below is a playlist with five tutorials for beginners from another teacher.

How to learn to dance street dances

Hip Hop has been around for only 50 years. But during this time, many directions and styles have appeared, with different elements, plastic, special chips.

In addition, modern hip-hop is often complemented by movements from other dance styles, which provides even richer vocabulary and original combinations.

But before you come up with your own bundles, you need to master the base. In the playlist below you will find basic movements, steps and many combinations. Explain everything is available. If you don’t have time, slow down the video speed.

The next big playlist’s commercials explain the concepts of inertia, manipulation, and isolation in hip-hop. There is also a story about improvisation, behavior in the battle, if you are ready for this, and several options for partner hip-hop movements (on the floor) to diversify your combinations.

Break dance consists of different elements: tricks and power movements on the floor, waves, fixations, as well as a change in the levels at which the dance is performed.

Here on this channel there is training in different styles: Waving, King Tut, Robot, - analysis of the technique of power elements and basic movements at different levels.

Below is a video with a detailed analysis of the 6 steps element from Footwork.

And here you can see how the "turtle" is performed.

Here is a voluminous playlist in which there are a lot of breakdance elements with a detailed analysis of the dance and power elements technique.

A sexy dance in which you need to actively work your buttocks, hips, stomach and arms. In this playlist, you will find several lessons with twerk movements.

How to learn to dance social dances

Social dances are not created for competitions, but for communication between partners and enjoyment. Here improvisation is welcomed, through which the dancer can express himself, his feelings and emotions.

This dance is from the Dominican Republic. He is very sensual, and sometimes erotic. The basics of bachata are four steps with an emphasis on the latter. In dance there are spins and throws of partners, small supports.

Despite the fact that bachata is a pair dance, one can also learn solo combinations. For example, if you do not have a partner yet.

In the video below - an analysis of the main steps. Where to carry body weight, how to hold hands, how to emphasize - everything is described in a detailed way.

But the variation of bachata from the same teacher.

Below is a playlist for those who want to pair bachata. These are Dominican bachate lessons from the Imagine dance school of dance.

This is a passionate pair dance native to Africa, and more specifically from Angola. Now it is performed all over the world and is especially popular in France and Portugal.

Steps, a lot of hips and close contact with a partner. Sometimes very cramped. For example, in the Tarraxinha style, a slower and more sensual version of this social dance.

Here's a playlist of kizomba lessons.

And another playlist with videos from another dance studio.

That's all. If you have favorite training videos, share them in the comments to the article.

Dance Training Aids

The easiest way to master the dance is to take specialized aids for beginner dancers as assistants. Moreover, we immediately note that books and various magazines are good only for studying the history of dance. For the practical part, they will be quite useless. Instead, it helps to learn how to dance at home videos of real performances by venerable dancers, as well as training videos.

  • First, decide on the direction that you want to master. It can be ballroom or Latin American dances, strip dance, belly dance, modern jazz, disco, hip-hop, tectonics and go-go, popular today. At the same time, note that some varieties of dances involve the participation of a couple. And therefore, if you are going to study alone, it is better to choose the directions that allow solo performance. In addition, remember that some styles require special equipment - such as strip plastic on the pylon.
  • Explore with prints, articles on the Internet and videos this direction is the history of its appearance and development, the main trends. This will help to understand the philosophy of the dance direction, to evaluate how interesting it is for you.
  • Further, in order to learn how to dance at home, you will need to find detailed lessons for beginners. You can do this on social networks on the pages of dance schools or on the sites of dance studios. Also, many videos are stored on Youtube. However, in all these cases, you are likely to receive only a limited number of lessons - because schools are interested in having students enroll in them for real, paid classes. To get full training courses, you can buy training discs in the store - it is worth choosing this option.
  • After that, you will need to take care of the free space for training. You may even have to do a small rearrangement of furniture in the room.
  • When all the preparatory work is completed, start training. Allocate a compulsory time for them several times a week. Practice one or two lessons at a time. First with a trainer on video, and then on his own, achieving professionalism in movements.

Private tutors

If you have the appropriate financial resources, then a private teacher will be happy to help you learn how to dance at home. The advantage of this option is in live communication with a professional dancer who not only shows how to move correctly and tells a lot of interesting facts about your chosen style, but also works out to perfection every movement.

In addition, as practice shows, classes with a teacher are always more productive, since they imply a great responsibility of the student. So, you will have less opportunity to skip a workout because of laziness or refuse to perform any complex element.

But there are two big minuses in private lessons:

  • First of all, far from every city you can find a truly experienced and professional choreographer providing such services.
  • Secondly, such activities are usually very expensive. And given that you will not succeed in mastering the style in a couple of weeks, the drawback becomes more noticeable.

If you still chose a similar method for yourself, then:

  • Go online and browse the list of dance schools in your city.
  • Read student reviews of educators on social networks, dance studio sites, and forums. If you do not find the necessary information, then on the same forum or on the social network you can always contact one of the students of the school with a corresponding question. Do not be shy - this is quite normal. Just explain that you would like to enroll in an individual home course. And ask which teacher should apply to this proposal - which of the choreographers is considered the best and whether he is engaged in such work.
  • After that, you will need to take a phone to contact the future teacher and make an appointment.
  • In the course of communication, specify how much one lesson will cost, how long each training session will last, and what it will take - clothing, equipment, additional items. Ask how many lessons it takes to learn the basics of style. Also ask questions regarding the frequency of meetings.
  • To become a true professional, doing exclusively in the walls of the house, is almost impossible. Therefore, having studied the basic techniques of dance and realizing that you are ready to continue to devote your free time to it, go to courses in a specialized school. Or you can join one of the groups of street dancers in which people of different ages and professions share dance experience with each other for free. True, this is typical mainly for such areas as hip-hop, break-dance, tectonics, kramp. However, communication in a creative environment of the same enthusiastic dances as you, non-professionals will certainly have the most positive impact on you.
  • Go in for sports. Any direction of dance requires physical strength, endurance, and plasticity from the performer. A variety of sports training will help develop these qualities: running and swimming, classes in gyms, in aerobics or fitness classes.
  • Various dance shows such as the Ukrainian project “Everybody Dance!” Can be very useful for training. Of these, you can not only draw out a lot of valuable ideas for dance, but also hear important tips and comments from professional choreographers.
  • Learn other areas of dance, ведь хороший танцевальный исполнитель универсален. Кроме того, выступление в любимом стиле будет смотреться интереснее, если в него добавить элементы из других видов танцев.
  • Учитесь самостоятельно ставить хореографию.
  • Танцуя, следите не только за движениями, но и за мимикой.
  • Старайтесь давать окружающим мощный энергетический заряд, драйв.
  • The dancer must certainly be artistic and completely liberated. Often these skills come with the awareness of their own professionalism, and therefore put all your strength and soul into training in order to really achieve good results.

Another article on how to learn how to move beautifully in the rhythm of music without leaving home walls will tell you how to dance at home.

Training place

If you decide to study at a dance school, the problem disappears by itself - in the studio there are halls specially equipped for classes with huge full-length mirrors. If you decide to engage in modern dance on your own, that is, at home, the question takes on a new turn. You need to find a room in which it will be spacious enough (at least 2 square meters of free space). Also, there should be a large mirror or a reflecting surface - you should see if you get movement or not.

Musicality is also important

Just repeating the teacher’s movements is not enough. You must fully feel the music, catch the rhythms, sub-rhythms, bass. To make your dance look organically, you need to learn how to lay out the track you are dancing to into the smallest elements. Train in this direction too, so your performance will be more detailed and interesting. Look for new tracks, try to move to compositions that are unusual for modern dance in the spirit of tango or classical - something very interesting can happen.