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PS4 low speed? Instructions for increasing psn download speed


The question of how to increase the speed of the Internet on the PlayStation4, worries many of its owners. At a minimum, you can launch a browser and check the speed of the Internet directly on the console. Faced with the problem of slow network operation, you should not be upset, because it can be solved in several ways. With the right approach, you can increase the speed of the Internet on the PS4 as follows:

Via wireless connection

In the first case, you must enter the console settings and click on the cross. In the menu that appears, select Network and then "Set Up Internet Connection". Use Wi-Fi is selected in the new window that opens, and after that the access point is within the range of the PS4. After selecting an access point, a password is entered (if necessary).

With cable

Connecting to the Internet via cable is a worthy alternative to a wireless connection. The speed in this case will be much higher, the likelihood of various malfunctions during data transfer is reduced.

To connect the PS4 to the global network in this way, you will need a special LAN cable. It attaches to the connector located on the back of the console. Further actions are similar to those carried out when connected via Wi-Fi. The only difference is that in the Internet settings you must select “Use a LAN cable”, and then Custom. With the right connection, you can use the Internet in a couple of minutes.

How to check internet speed on PS4

If ps4 slowly downloads via wifi or cable, you first need to check the speed of the Internet. To do this, go to settings and select "Network". Next, select the item "Check Internet connection." After that, the screen displays the download speed from the network and the download speed to the network. The first parameter is the speed of the Internet.

What to do if it slowly downloads on PS4

How to speed up the Internet on PS4? A few simple steps will help to do this:

  • disabling background downloads of applications, which significantly reduces the speed,
  • downloading files in turn, and not simultaneously, because it also affects the download speed,
  • checking the tariff plan. It is quite possible just to change the tariff.
  • checking the router and router. Perhaps the equipment is outdated and cannot transmit the necessary amount of data. In this case, it must be replaced.
  • reducing the number of simultaneously connected devices will also slightly increase the speed.
  • closing all active games and applications at boot time.

If after that on the PS4 the weak Internet persists, it is worth moving on to more radical actions.

Change DNS settings on PS4

You can improve the connection speed by changing the DNS settings. To do this, you need to check the current DNS server, issued by the provider automatically and compare the response speed of this server and server, using the ping utility. If the server provided by your ISP has a response speed in milliseconds lower than the response speed from the server, do the following:

  • Find a settings icon that looks like a briefcase and log in.
  • In the menu that opens, select "Network" and then "Internet Connection".
  • In the next tab, select the installed connection type: LAN or Wi-Fi, and then click Custom.
  • After that, the Manual option is selected.
  • In the next window, the DNS settings will appear.
  • In the DNS field designated Primery, enter and the DNS Secondary field
  • In the OpenDNS - address - Primary field, the value is set to, and in the Secondary field -

Important! If the response speed from the provider's DNS server is higher, then do not change the DNS settings. Remember that you can not mix the numbers in the specified values, you need to enter them in the same way!

Check MTU Settings

After DNS is configured, you can proceed to verify the MTU value. To do this, you can not exit the menu after the DNS is registered. At the bottom of the screen, click Next. The MTU setup menu will open. In it, select the option "Automatic".

The next step is choosing a proxy server. If there are no problems with opening sites, then a proxy is not needed, so you should choose "Do not use". If these steps are completed, the speed on the PS4 console should increase.