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How to build muscle in the arms?


An expanse of the Internet has long been plowed by a picture of the sinewy legs of Pavel Polyansky, a professional cyclist, participant in the 2017 Tour de France race, who has driven almost 3,000 kilometers in 16 stages of the competition.

Well, with the cyclist, everything is clear: to ride an incredible distance on a bicycle in a short time - not only the veins are rotated. But this is very common in ordinary people. What is the reason? Does this mean that a person is strong?

The answer to the question was kindly given by Doug McGuff, author of the book “Body by science“. And he didn’t just give an answer, but put everything on the shelves.

Where do swollen veins come from?

Doug explains it this way:

Arteries - vessels that go from the heart directly to the muscles and organs. We consider only the muscles. During exercise, they need oxygen and beneficial nutrients. That is why they are located very close to muscle fibers, hidden between them. All substances from the arteries are immediately absorbed by the working muscles.

Veins - vessels leading “devastated“Blood from the muscles to the heart. Therefore, their muscles allegedly “push out“Out. Blood is pumped out quickly to capture a new fortified portion. So in the veins high pressure is formed, due to which they are not only closer to the surface, but also swell.

So is he strong with sinewy hands?

Doug explains the presence of veins on his hands and the whole body with a tiny fat content in the human body. Like, a thin, fatty layer is scanty, these are all veins that are visible. But not the last role in this is played by another factor - active lifestyle.

The more sport, the more swollen the veins will be. Moreover, this is possible even in a state of complete calm, since long after a workout the body may be in a state of active burning of calories and pumping up blood muscles with the aim of their growth and “microtrauma healing“So necessary for muscle growth.

Why are veins swollen in those who do not engage in sports?

Doug explains this by stress. Like, in this state cortisol is produced (stress hormone) Together with it, a large content of ̶а̶з̶о̶т .а̶ sodium is injected into the blood. Due to this, the body retains water and causes the veins to swell.

A few more factors affecting the condition of the veins:


Sinuous hands are not an indicator of strength. It’s more likely that you recently came from a training session, that you are low in fat, or that you have some abnormalities (varicose veins, injuries, poor genetics).

Check it out is simple. Go to healthy eating, give up fatty foods and start swinging. Then follow how the picture will change on the working areas of the body. If the veins begin to draw brightly and swell, then you don’t have any varicose veins there.

We recommend starting with the following eight exercises:

Spiridonova Nadezhda Viktorovna

Psychologist. Specialist from the site

Sorry, we can not quite accurately put it. In general, I’m interested in how to properly fix my arms / elbows during exercises with dumbbells, so that only the necessary muscles are strained?

sit on a chair, elbow on your knee, understand and lower your arm (with dumbbells naturally) Relax all other muscles except the muscles of the arm

play tennis

Download this course here>

Do push-ups, you can lope first, then 10 in one go. One or two calls. No dumbbells will be needed for sure.

the simplest thing is to do push-ups, pull yourself up and announce more often.

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I push up from the floor. still pushing up, turning his back to the chair, putting his hands on the edge of the chair and stretching his legs forward.

with dumbbells, the arms are more likely to be sinewy than inflated. pull up and push up, as advised. to pump up a separate part of the body, it seems to me not very possible. I mean, build up mass. you need to competently and a lot of hawt and swing the whole body. I can’t imagine how to do this for a woman. you need to go to a fitness club and consult with an instructor

People, how to pump up the deltoid muscles?

6 +1 masturbation triceps shakes unreal!

9 dumbbells must be lifted overhead

8 yes she just wants a tone, she doesn’t need a cue ball 45 cm -))

13, two approaches each

12 but I would not hurt :))
if her hands are thin, as she wrote, then I think that from raising dumbbells, if they do not become even thinner, then this is still good. completely pounds your muscles. although "thin" is an individually relative concept :)

oh boys, but tell me too! my hands are stupid. I’m skinny, and my hands are not so much fat, but some with sagging, there are fat, and the muscles are in the bud. how to remove these surpluses, so that the hands are sinewy just, without excess fat, but also without relief muscles? :)

16, excess weight is driven by proper nutrition. In general, in order to get embossed hands, you really have to dig in the hall, so do not be afraid to pump them - it's almost impossible -)

17, that's it! pumping up relief muscles is not something that can be expected by almost everyone who crawls into the gym and pick up pieces of iron. this is a very serious and long work on yourself. and even then, not everyone is given

As for the deltas, I will definitely say ------ presses from behind the head with dumbbells or a 3 * 6 bar and swing to the sides with a light weight of 4 * 10.

if masturbate then the muscles will grow?

The mass of hands is almost impossible to significantly increase with the help of dumbbells of 2 kg, especially to a girl. For triceps, you need to push up on the floor / on bars with a counterweight, for biceps - pull up in the simulator with a counterweight. That is how strength will be, and some kind of mass. Dumbbells - this is for the formation of the word "form" when the mass is already there. Well, you need to eat 150-200 g of protein products every 3 hours, not forgetting about carbohydrates.

you can still play the guitar using the pick as an electronic one (well, like rockers, the arm is tense and is at an angle of 45 - 135) until all the strings are suspended.

Type in a search in nete fitness (s) and you will be happy. For example, the site: Iron factor. there in the section for women you will see everything clearly and read verbatim. Including - on diets. Maybe the program will be made out of kindness: o)

21. To the trainer. The girl pulls 2-kilogram pounds with her back, and not with her hands (cheats even with such a weight), which can be seen from her post - which means that 2 kg is too much for her.: O (
(Mine now works on deltas and hands with 2 kg pumping for tonus - there is an easy result).
In principle, the author cracking on a bilder-diet scheme is unnecessary.
Apparently, she wants to “squeeze” flabbiness - there will be enough pumping option - she will establish blood supply. there will be elasticity, and pumping is about 20% growth
gives - then it starts to increase.

Dmitry, pumping gives 20% growth only on a solid power base, and without it, even if it does, everything goes away quickly

Let learning to pull up and push up from the floor and from the bars - the fastest way to pump up your hands, for a long time and substantially

Oh, and at the house of me there are such dumbbells. 2 kg each. For a week now I decided to pump up my hands too. Since there’s no sport in my life for already a year 2. In the morning and evening, I shake each hand 70 times. More is already difficult. So I stopped at this figure. Here)

70 times for 2 kg - it is ON USUKU. It is necessary to take such a weight that you can lift no more than 10-12 times, the last of which must be done with great difficulty. And better learn to pull yourself up and surrender - the effect is 50 times more than from dumbbells!

Pressing off the floor, pulling up on the horizontal bar, and dumbbells are quite heavy. Those that you can lift (with one hand, of course) no more than 15 times. 2 kg is generally not serious, do not pump up muscles like that, this is a relief.

I’m 16, I want super hands, well inflated, what needs to be done. please help with the board! I beg and beg.

9: Delta exercises.
Front beam: Standing, raise the dumbbells forward to shoulder level, elbows slightly bent.
Middle bunch: Standing, lift the dumbbells to the sides to shoulder level, elbows slightly bent.
Back bunch: Standing, raise your hands to shoulder level, bend your elbows, palms looking forward, well, like, like [__O__]. Their position is to raise the dumbbells up above your head, straightening your arms, and return back.
In all these exercises, exhalation is done on exertion (raising the arms). Each exercise needs 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions. For women, normal weight is 2 kg.

AUTHOR: Do not straighten your arms fully in exercises, they should be slightly bent at the elbows. Watch your posture. For biceps, push-ups are better - 2 kg is zero for biceps. Push-ups are on your knees, the body is straight, the pelvis does not protrude, the stomach is tucked up, the head does not hang, the arms are shoulder-width apart under the shoulders, the fingers are slightly turned inward. For starters, you can put your hands on a raised platform. Make at least 6-8 times (3 sets), preferably 3x16.

Boys-trainers from the instructor girl. 2 kg for a girl / woman a beginner - the most is that they will not be lifted anymore. As I understand it, she doesn’t need mass, but just a tonus to her muscles so that they don’t hang. It is necessary to raise the tone 4x12-15, the beginner 2 kg with difficulty pulls, it's even a lot. Do you even look to whom you give recommendations.

8: Are you kidding me? Man 2 kilos with difficulty raises, and you force to pull up. Dumbbells in this case are the same, you do not think that a woman wants to become a Schwarzenegger? My girls with dumbbells and body-bars of 4-5 kg ​​are engaged, they have normal muscles, they have no veins, they have beautiful fit arms. The only thing you need to pay attention to is, in training women, you need to alternate top-bottom, and not do a hundred-leg triceps exercises. That is, the exercise for the top 3-4 approaches - the exercise for the bottom 3-4 approaches - the top (another muscle group) - the bottom (another muscle group), etc.

and what kind of exercise for the "fender liner", when I raise the bent arm, then the fat hangs from the armpit to the elbow.

hands are very sore after training. nothing tormented me so much, neither the press nor the back nor legs, like arms))
trainers, why do all muscles ache the next morning, and arm muscles begin to hurt the next day? mystery of nature!

This is Nasya again, thank you for your advice, I hope it helps! What exercises are needed for the relief of the arms and legs? I ask for help from the pros in this matter ..

Julianne, you need to lower the dumbbell 50 times behind your back, then with your right or left hand! I wish you success.

for Phoenix: hands will not become sinewy if properly practiced.
for Shegon: swing the delta with 3kg dumbbells, arm layout to the sides, elbows bent slightly, raise to shoulder level.
It’s really difficult to pump up the girl’s hands, but you can if you wish.
for | Freya: this muscle is called the latissimus dorsi, respectively, it is necessary to swing the back, but also the arms

for DrVivisector: I completely agree with you, I work as an instructor myself, so I don’t like it when "advise is not the right advice"

The native person has an open ulcer! Who knows what means will help here?! I accept any advice! Urgent ..

And by the way, the exercises were addressed to Freya. What to repeat 50 times behind him! Cheat. Zap-b! And not Julianne! Excuse me.

DrVivisector - RA wrote: "HANDS WEAK and WEAK, I do not feel FORCE at all." Those. she needs volume and strength.
The fastest and most reliable way to achieve SIGNIFICANT changes is to learn to pull up and push up (first from the floor, then on the uneven bars). Start push-ups from the knees, then from the table, then from the chair, then from the low bench, then from the floor, then from the bench in a sitting position with legs stretched out, and so on. And to learn to be pulled up on a horizontal bar with a counterbalance, at first with a counterbalance of 75% of body weight, then gradually reduce to zero. And so, for a period of 4 to 9 months, you can achieve these goals, and at the same time gain better posture, more developed shoulders and a visually larger chest. The first month is better to engage under the guidance of a trainer, because if the lower back is strained when lifting for biceps, then too fast execution and cheating takes place, which is unacceptable

Tell me what to do. At the workout, push-ups greatly hurt the muscles from the log to the shoulder, and it hurts for a week now and only on one arm. Bending the arm really pulls and the muscle hurts.

yoga will give strength to hands

In short, the French bench press superset with the rise of a straight neck for biceps -))) oh propret author)))))
Look and wear out!

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Training is a great way to build muscle.

According to the basic laws of nature, the human body strives for peace and balance. In scientific terms, to the state of homeostasis. This allows you to save energy as much as possible, which is the basis of all life. A healthy body means harmony between internal processes and external environmental influences.

What happens if this balance is disturbed? With the influence of the external environment on the body, the latter receives great physical stress and tries to adapt to it in order to maintain that very harmony. And this is true for any organs and internal processes, including muscle tissue. Such an adaptation is the adaptation of the organism to the created external conditions.

During regular training, the peace of the internal environment is disturbed, and muscle fibers begin to break down. To counter these regular damage, the muscles have to adapt. That is, in response to external stimuli, they begin to grow actively, thus restoring harmony. Theoretically, if a person easily lifts a weight of 50 kg, and after active training it also easily takes a weight of 100 kg, then we can say that the muscles became stronger and their volume doubled. However, you should not take this statement literally, because in reality there are big differences with the theory. If you want to build muscle quickly, you need a consistent adaptation to the loads. A person in any sport can achieve high results very quickly if he gets used to increasing requirements as quickly as possible. So how to build muscle? It is necessary to practice such physical training, which will contribute to the best adaptation of muscles in a short time.

The main principles of training aimed at muscle growth

As already mentioned, muscle tissue cells begin to break down during training. And during the recovery period, the physical endurance of the body decreases somewhat. Therefore, while you are resting and eating after training, he is actively working to heal damaged cells and try to restore balance. Usually this process takes about several days. Then the muscles and forces return to their usual state. This is where the most unusual begins. To withstand similar stress in the future, the body restores muscle tissue, but does it with some reserve. This process is called supercompensation, and its duration can approximately extend to several weeks. It is rather difficult to say more precisely about the timing of its onset and completion; each organism has its own framework. If the load turned out to be single, then for some time the muscles restore their original state. In fact, the body tries to expend energy only in exceptional cases. In general, in bodybuilding, there are two fundamental principles:

  • supercompensation
  • progressive loads.

Supercompensation is a good thing, of course, but it cannot last forever. And if the body does not regularly experience stress, the body will regain its balance and calm down on this. Muscles, even after gaining some reserve, will one day return to their natural volume. To prevent this from happening and you need to constantly increase the load precisely in the period of supercompensation, not later and not earlier. Supercompensation will help you feel more powerful and will give you confidence that you can overcome even more. However, it is important to clarify two rules:

  1. Go to training at the moment when you felt a surge of strength.
  2. During training, it is necessary to slightly increase the lifted weight and loads.

All further training should fall on the period of supercompensation. Then progress in the growth of muscle tissue will be clearly noticeable.

The perfect time to workout

Ideally, the next workout should begin at the peak of strength. However, in fact, it is quite difficult to determine the moment of the onset of supercompensation, therefore you have to focus solely on personal feelings. It is imperative that you have a good rest before training so that you have a strong desire and strength to sip iron.

To build muscle, it is necessary to add pancakes weighing in the range of 2.5–5 kg to each bar, increase the number of basic physical exercises and always try to complete all the approaches that have been outlined. Approximately 2-3 weeks are allowed for adaptation. Another burden can be added only after a new weight with a certain number of repetitions will be given to you easily and naturally. If training according to the proposed scheme will be successful, then you have found your ideal regimen.

What is the difference between workouts that will occur later or earlier than the moment of supercompensation. There is only one answer - no changes for the better will simply happen. If the body is not at the peak of strength, you cannot usefully realize the principle of progression. Without feeling the strength in yourself, you will train in the same mode with the usual weight. And since the body has already adapted to the conditions, it will not receive stress aimed at muscle growth.

Particular attention should be paid to the training regime approx. Too frequent trainings will obviously deprive you of strength, as the body will not have time to recover. At this pace, you can only achieve a negative result and muscle growth will stop. In a sports environment, this phenomenon is called simply - overtraining.

At the same time, very rare workouts (no more than once every 2-3 weeks) will also not give the desired result. It is not surprising that you will stagnate in one place, because the training time falls on the decline of supercompensation. That is, the body receives another load at the moment when it has already returned to its original state. So, the implementation of the principle of progression is out of the question.

Such a detailed description will help to understand the essence of the ongoing processes, and therefore reveal the main secret of muscle tissue growth. Each subsequent training should take place with a slight increase in load, so that the muscles receive a little more stress. This approach will allow you to get a visible result pretty quickly.

It is noted that the muscles in beginners with any power program grow more actively and faster. For them, any loads are new. The adaptation process already described, which is characterized by the growth of muscle tissue, is taking place. However, time passes and the body adapts to the next loads. So, experienced athletes with a large mass no longer have such noticeable progress. What to do in this case? For further muscle building, you should constantly increase the load in all available ways. This is achieved through various tricks and methods. This can be drop sets, supersets, a larger number of approaches, an increase in the total weight with a reduction in the number of repetitions, a decrease in the rest time between sets and more.

However, there is a method that even works fine in such cases. And it is called - cycling loads. This principle has serious physical and scientific evidence. It consists in the alternation of increasing and decreasing loads. That is, at a certain moment it is necessary to remove or reduce a certain type of load. Losing stress, the muscles begin to return to their original state, and therefore quite adequately respond to its increase. This is perceived by the body as a new stress, and therefore the muscles begin to grow. If an athlete cannot increase physical activity for any reason, it is necessary to weaken the muscles in a forced mode. That is, this training scheme implies a cyclical decrease and increase in loads. Simply put, you take a step back, then take two forward.

How maximum adaptation is achieved

You have probably already learned that the main priority of the training process is the constant adaptation of the body to new stresses. It's time to learn about the main points that will help to reach its maximum level.

Maximum adaptation can only be achieved when working in a certain direction. That is, it is impossible to efficiently pump muscles and simultaneously run long distances. Of course, it will work out to build muscle, but it will be far from the dimensions that you could have achieved by concentrating exclusively on bodybuilding. And you will be able to overcome the longest marathon, but you will definitely be the last of its participants. From this we can conclude: the body is able to achieve maximum adaptation only if certain requirements are met. If you add one, two or more to it, then the adaptation will be evenly distributed between them. What does it look like in practice? You should not do several different exercises for the same muscle group. They certainly will not grow faster from this.

However, most people attending gyms do just that, and as a result do not move in their development. And all because the muscles are surprised, receiving various loads, which ultimately leads to a very unexpected result. After all, the body is very difficult to simultaneously adapt to various stresses, and as a result, the muscles, even if they grow, are very, very insignificant.

The only thing that is required for muscle growth is a concentration on a certain strength work. In this case, you should increase the load in a specific exercise, which is aimed at the simultaneous action of a large number of muscles. The body will answer one this exercise much more readily than several. It is necessary to recline all that is superfluous and concentrate on the basic exercise, which involves a certain group of muscles, and achieve a peak of strength in it, repeating at least 5-10 times. This approach will help build muscle efficiently and quickly.

Tips to help increase muscle

To activate the process of muscle tissue growth, you must adhere to certain rules:

  1. It is advisable to train in the evenings - it is during this period that the ideal ratio of testosterone and cortisol is observed.
  2. Be sure to warm up before training. Only 10 minutes will prepare the body and muscles for further stress.
  3. Give more time to basic exercises that involve the maximum amount of muscle. This helps speed up metabolic processes and stimulates growth. Basic exercises include, for example, regular squats. Only they need to be done correctly. Push-ups have a good effect, for a thorough study of the upper body it is worth using dumbbells.
  4. Pay attention to nutrition. We'll have to give up fatty foods, but proteins and carbohydrates are welcome. Have to eat often, but in small portions. It is possible to use nutritional supplements that promote muscle growth.
  5. You need to train regularly, this will lead to regular stress, and therefore muscle growth. But with long breaks, you can forget about the expected effect.
  6. Be sure to relax. Muscles need time to recover. That is, it is recommended to pump a certain muscle group not earlier than after 2-3 days.
  7. Slightly increase the weight of the shells for each workout. However, there is no need to rush, too heavy weight will not allow to carry out the necessary number of approaches.
  8. It is advisable to keep a diary that will help to apply the principle of progression of loads, and, consequently, to build muscle quickly.

In conclusion, I want to say that bodybuilding in the literal translation means building a body, which by its nature is a very malleable and plastic tool. It is only necessary to observe the basic rules and principles and very soon your own body will become perfect.