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Modular origami


Origami strawberry is one of the most popular origami paper. If you do not know how to make origami strawberries, then on this page you will find everything you need to assemble this simple paper figure.

In the first photo you can see what you get if you follow the assembly diagram below. The second photo of the origami of strawberries was taken by one of our site users. He got a pretty realistic strawberry with green petals. If you have photos of the origami you have collected, send them to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have javascript enabled to view it.

Assembly diagram

Below is an assembly diagram of origami strawberries from the famous Japanese origami master Fumiaki Shingu. If you strictly follow the instructions, then the origami strawberry assembly will not take much time, and the result will be the same as in the picture. After completing the steps described in the diagram several times, you will understand how to make origami strawberries quickly and without peeping into the diagram.

Video master class

Collecting origami strawberries for beginners can seem like a daunting task. Therefore, we recommend that you enter the query “origami strawberry video” on YouTube’s largest online video hosting service. There you will find many different videos about origami strawberries, which clearly show the steps for picking strawberries. We hope that after watching the video of the assembly workshop you will no longer have questions on how to make origami strawberries.

Here's a tutorial on how to build a modular origami strawberry:

If you follow this simple assembly scheme for origami strawberries, you can easily get the desired result:

Thanks to its taste, strawberries have become a symbol of pleasure, abundance and sensuality. In the most general sense, strawberries have always been associated with a good mood, bright colors.

DIY strawberry made of paper. Manufacture

For the manufacture of strawberries, we will use two colors of paper: red (pink) and green. The size of one module in our case is 7.5 by 5 cm. (Modules can be made of another size and a different color). We need 46 red modules and 7 green modules.

1. Assemble the green and red modules according to the scheme. Schemes for assembling modules can be found here.

2. Connect the three rows of 13 modules using Method 2 (see module mounting) and close the chain in a circle (see photo).

3. Turn the resulting figure with the short sides of the modules up.

4. Unscrew the workpiece while simultaneously pressing on the center of the figure from below and pressing on the edges from above.

5. Assemble the fourth row of modules, putting them staggered on the short side out (see photo).

6. The final row consists of 7 modules. They must be put on, skipping two corners of the previous row and trying to bring the modules as close as possible (see photo).

7. Make leaflets. To do this, collect 7 green modules.

8. Insert them (short side up) through one into the pockets of the first row of strawberries (see main photo).

9. In the same way, you can make more strawberries.

If you attach a tail to a strawberry (ribbon, rope ...), then you can hang it on a Christmas tree or make a whole garland.

And here is our strawberry in a basket. How to make a basket out of modules, see here.