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How to make a wedding wand with ribbons


Workshop on creating sticks with ribbons + Photo

How to make sticks with ribbons for a wedding. A photo

Sticks with ribbons are used at a wedding as an alternative to sprinkling with newlyweds' petals. The workshop will tell you how to make your own wedding wands.

To create sticks with ribbons you will need:

- suitable ribbon color

- braid, lace of medium width

- wooden chopsticks for sushi or chopsticks

- glue gun (or durable transparent glue, for example, moment-crystal)

Step-by-step instructions for creating sticks with ribbons:

1. Select the required length of your tape and wind the tape of the selected length in the form of a “lasso”.

2. Cut the ribbons along the edge of the wound “lasso”.

3. Do the same with braid and lace.

4. Prepare a glue gun and add a small amount of glue to the end of a wooden stick.

5. Glue one end of the tape to the stick.

6. Press the ribbon so that the glue “crumbles” as it were, otherwise decent clots of glue may remain.

7. Glue several ribbons, ribbons and strips of lace sequentially.

8. Stick on top of the tape, with which the ends of the previously glued tapes will be wrapped, thereby covering all the roughness of the edge.

As a result, you should get a great accessory for greeting the newlyweds. Additionally, you can decorate such sticks with rhinestones, beads, compositions of artificial flowers, as well as bells.

How to make ribbon sticks for greeting newlyweds Wedding Ideas

Remember how usually the guests of the newlyweds who have just married and go out of the registry office greet the guests? That's right, they are sprinkled with rose petals, sweets, small coins, rice - all in order to express their joy about the marriage and the wishes of a happy and full life for young people. But, some registry offices do not allow leaving trash after themselves, and bridesmaids in elegant dresses do not have time to clean all these petals and rice.

I offer an excellent replacement for all of the above points - these are ribbon sticks, guests will welcome them in a wave to meet you, ribbons flutter beautifully in the wind, and photos are very vibrant and vibrant. Ribbon sticks are very similar to gymnastic ribbons, only smaller in size. I remember how in childhood I made myself such a wand to be like a rhythmic gymnast. A wedding is such an event when your children’s games and fun can and should be used.

We are reading a master class on making such ribbon sticks for our wedding. It is very easy to do, so even a beginner can make such cute little things for himself.

What do we need:

1. Wooden sticks, 30 cm long. You can take Chinese noodle sticks, they are already peeled and just the shape we need 2. Acrylic paint, or car paint in a spray can 3. Hot gun and glue sticks for it 4. Tapes, wide 24 mm in three different colors (27 meters of each tape is enough for 65 ribbon sticks)

How to do it:

1. We paint the sticks with acrylic paint or spray a spray can with auto paint, it dries very quickly. Choose neutral color.

2. Cut the tape length of 40 cm.

3. We take one tape of each color and with the help of a hot gun we glue the tips on one side.

4. Squeeze the hot glue on the sticks to the width of the tape and stick the tape to the stick.

5. This is how your workpiece should look.

6. Now the final touches: you need to singe the ends of the ribbons on the candle so that they do not fray. Be careful, the ends of the tape do not need to be set on fire in the candle, just bring it at a certain distance, the heat of the candle will do its job.

For a final glamorous chord, attach a strassik to the top of the wooden stick. Your ribbon decoration is ready.

It should be noted that the color of the ribbons will depend on your wedding color palette, the possibilities are endless, try it.

In the West, there are services for applying text and drawings on a ribbon, so you can personalize your ribbon sticks and make your wedding more individual. A big request to the brides, if you find a company that deals with printing text on ribbons, share the contacts.

See examples of how ribbon sticks look great at weddings.

Guests welcome the newlyweds. In this case, a white and pink palette is selected.

Only white ribbons also look good.

And this wedding is completely built on a ribbon theme. Bright orange positive color creates an even more cheerful mood.

Of course, no one cancels the traditional rose petals, they also look very beautiful and romantic, but can you try something new?

Waiting for your opinion about the ribbon sticks. Did anyone want to stand out in the registry office?