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Wedding bride 2019


According to tradition, the engagement is announced about a year before the planned wedding. But we live in a dynamic, ever-changing world. Not all couples are ready to wait a whole year to exchange rings. The best option is preparing for a wedding for 6 months. There is time to choose a dress and a restaurant. You can safely consider the style of the wedding, format, decor and entertainment. You still manage to hire highly qualified specialists, whose time is always scheduled by the hour.

But do not flatter yourself as if you have a lot of time. In order not to rush and manage to do everything, one must act according to a clear plan. To help you, we have compiled a wedding plan calendar for each month. You can supplement it and remove excess. And better - print out and with pleasure cross out the completed points. Good luck

6 months before the wedding

  1. Set a cherished date and announce your engagement. Have a little family holiday.
  2. Write a preliminary guest list. Family guests will come with a soulmate and children. Take this into account when counting.
  3. Determine the format of your holiday by the number of people. Will it be a family celebration (up to 20 people) or a big celebration with a banquet? Are you planning a painting in the registry office or are you impressed by an exit ceremony? In the registry office you need to submit an application in advance and become attached to certain days. Separately, you have to look for a restaurant. For a European wedding, it’s enough to find a good banquet venue or order catering, and set any date.
  4. Make a wedding budget. Use any online calculator to not miss important points. Know the prices of rings, car rental, bouquet, dress, decor of the site. And most importantly, calculate the menu for one person. Banquet is the most expensive part of the wedding budget.
  5. Go to the brides' school. Many wedding agencies hold master classes in preparation for the wedding, talk about trends in wedding fashion, give discounts on contractor services.

5 months before the wedding

  1. Choose a wedding color. Explore the forums and view fashion trends for the current year. For example, this year the main wedding color was the shade of greenery, which means grassy. No less relevant yellow color (primrose), dusty pink, blue.
  2. Define your wedding style. Classic, rustic, eco, vintage, boho-chic, glamorous, henmeid, retro style, fruit, chocolate, floral, steampunk. What style do you like?
  3. If you want to give the organization of the wedding to the manager, it's time to get acquainted with the wedding agencies. Meet with several managers, study pricing, approach to work and portfolio. Request a contract.
  4. If you take care of the wedding, it's time to make a list of all the performers and contractors. Photographer, videographer, decorator, florist (bouquet and decor of the hall), makeup artist, hairdresser, host, musicians, catering, confectionery (cake and sweet table). Call potential companies through the list, study the work, and schedule appointments with the best. With photo and video studios, book a date right away. At the end of this month you should have a contract for each type of service.
  5. Create a Wedding folder on your computer. Here, save the to-do list for each month, the contacts of all contractors, the list of guests.
  6. Open envelopes with money for different types of expenses. This will save you from unnecessary expenses.
  7. It's time to choose a wedding dress. Walk around the salons, evaluate the cost of the outfit (dress, veil, stockings, underwear, accessories, hairpins, etc.). To try on a dress, take shoes similar to the one in which you will be at the wedding.
  8. Visit the restaurants. Start the conversation with the date - is the banquet room available on your day. Learn about the possibilities of your decor, calculate the cost of the menu per person, parking conditions. And arrange a tasting of dishes.
  9. Start attending Pilates or fitness to tighten your figure, and always stay in good shape.

4 months before the wedding

  1. Book a restaurant and sign a contract. You may be offered a check instead of a contract, but you should not count on it. The contract describes the risks, this includes cost estimates. Discuss all the nuances, down to whether paid parking, whether it is possible to use outlets, etc.
  2. Buy rings.
  3. Take care of accessories for painting and banquet. Order or do it yourself (for example, decoupage bottles and glasses).
  4. Hire a decorator and florist. Sign the sketch of the design of the arch and the hall, the contract and make an advance payment.
  5. Prescribe a holiday script with a host. Introduce the witness to the toastmaster.
  6. Order pyrotechnics and musical accompaniment of the holiday.

3 months before the wedding

  1. Plan your honeymoon, check the availability of all documents.
  2. Buy a dress and shoes. For 3 months, your figure is unlikely to change. Keep fit in the gym (but only without fanaticism).
  3. Groom buy a suit, shirt, tie and shoes.
  4. Help the witness choose a dress according to the style and color of your wedding.
  5. Call the guests, specify who will be. Adjust the list. Tell non-resident hotels, but you are not required to pay for their accommodation.
  6. Sign up for choreography lessons. Start learning your first wedding dance.
  7. Order an invitation design or do it yourself. Do not rush to sign, because the list of guests will still be adjusted.

2 months before the wedding

  1. Buy vouchers so you don't have to worry about your honeymoon anymore.
  2. Think over the first wedding night. Book a hotel room.
  3. Make a list of gifts to your guests, order bonbonnieres.
  4. Organize a love story with a photographer.
  5. Order transport to the wedding.
  6. Order a cake and sweets for a candy bar.

1 month before the wedding

  1. Make sure that the dress and shoes fit you. Fit the dress to the figure, get used to the shoes, defiling them around the apartment.
  2. Discuss with the hairdresser what accessories are needed for hairstyles.
  3. Sign up for manicures and pedicures.
  4. Check your hotel reservation.
  5. Order a bouquet, as well as boutonnieres for the groom and witnesses.
  6. Order printing: a plan for seating guests, menus, if you haven’t done so yet, are invitations.
  7. Send out invitations a month before the wedding. Ask guests to give you an answer as soon as possible.
  8. Call the restaurant and discuss the menu, according to the changes in the guest list.
  9. Discuss the walk with the guests - itinerary, snacks, drinks.

2 weeks before the wedding

  1. Throw a noisy party with your friends. Let the groom go to the bachelor party.
  2. Buy a folder or cover for a certificate.
  3. Call all the performers, once again say the date and place of the meeting.
  4. Buy prizes for contests.
  5. If there will be a ransom, rehearse with your friends.
  6. Make a trial hairstyle and makeup.

The day before the wedding

  1. Take all the props to the restaurant.
  2. Check again the dress and the availability of all accessories.
  3. Check the readiness of the performers.
  4. Pack your things for your honeymoon.

On the last day before the wedding, try to have a good rest. Over the past six months, you have suffered many stresses and overloads. If this list of tasks seems too complicated for you, it is better to give all the worries to the wedding agency or responsible friends. Your task at the wedding is to rejoice and enjoy the holiday, rather than serving guests and sitting on the phone.

1. A very early start

Raising the bride before dawn is such a familiar thing at weddings that it seems as if nothing else. After all, there is so much to do! However, you may well get up on your wedding day even later than usual - just plan your time wisely and avoid the mistakes that I write about in the following paragraphs. And:

  • Do not make a ransom - this banal tradition takes a lot of time
  • Do not select a time for registration before 3 pm
  • Do not try to push into your wedding day all the events that are possible

Following these tips, you can calmly get up not at 5-6 in the morning, but at 9-10. What for? And then, in order to get enough sleep, feel good and look great, and have fun at the banquet with everyone, and not fall asleep from fatigue.

2. Too many locations, too far distances

First, the groom goes to the bride's parents - to redeem her beloved. Then together they go to the registry office. Next - go around city monuments (at least 5 places). And finally - out of town for a banquet. Yes, this is a “normal” wedding scenario. And he is terrible!
The more places you want to visit on your wedding day and the farther they are from each other, the more time you will stupidly sit in cars. Especially when it comes to the metropolis, and the wedding is on Friday. With this scenario, you can lose a few hours from a precious wedding day!

If you do not dream to spend the floor of the wedding, standing in traffic jams, then:

  • Try to organize the celebration as compactly as possible. And better - completely in one place (for example, in a hotel).
  • Do not choose the “most beautiful” registry office if it is located on the other side of the city. Not only will you have to go there for a long time, so you’ll worry all the way that you’ll be late.
  • Choose a place for the photo shoot in advance - a maximum of two and, again, nearby. If you really want to arrange a beautiful photoset at the waterfall, but go 40 km there - postpone the shooting to another day.

3. A large period of time between registration and a banquet

The most “favorite” mistake of brides: to appoint registration at 12-13 hours, and start the banquet at 5-6 pm. The ceremony takes a maximum of an hour. And what, one wonders, to do the remaining 5 hours. Naturally, take a picture! But, since the guests have already gathered, where to put them now. Many brides have broken their brains over this question, and the answer is usually the simplest: carry guests with you so that while you pose for the photographer they get drunk, bored and bother you. And by 6 pm they no longer wanted any banquet.
Lovely little ladies, plan a photo shoot BEFORE the ceremony! It's that simple. And appoint registration itself a maximum of 2 hours before the start of the banquet. Failed to book the right time at the registry office? Choose an exit ceremony - it will be held whenever you want. Just avoid the following mistake.

4. Registration and one-day exit ceremony

The date in the certificate of registration of marriage must coincide with the date of the wedding - this rule of the bride was ironically learned. Therefore, even if an exit ceremony is planned on the wedding day, in the morning you still need to run to the registry office and sign it. Why on that very day is a mystery to me personally. What is the difference when to receive a document - today, yesterday or tomorrow? Or are you afraid that the groom will change his mind after going to the registry office? So reduce it to))) Do not know when to celebrate the anniversary? Celebrate your wedding day. Are you afraid that inquiring relatives will start looking into the testimony and checking dates? They won’t start, and it’s not difficult to come up with an explanation. Do you think that is the way it should be? By whom?

If you decide to do an outdoor ceremony, it’s beautiful and convenient precisely because it allows you to plan a comfortable wedding day without unnecessary haste. But if at the same time you rush to the registry office in the morning - this is NOT at all convenient. There are a lot of questions: choose a solemn ceremony or a solemn? Call someone else in the registry office or not? If you call, then whom? How to get dressed. Well, why do you need all this headache? Do not fool around. An outdoor ceremony is the perfect choice for a wedding. And leave the REGISTRY OFFICE the next day, choose inappropriate registration and come only together.

5. Registration and wedding in one day

Unlike an exit ceremony, weddings without a certificate of official registration of marriage are not allowed. And again, many brides perceive this as a signal: in the morning - at the registry office, in the afternoon - to the church. However, the wedding is a spiritual sacrament. If you decide on such a ceremony, then it is very important to you. Isn't it better to devote a wedding day only to a wedding? And at the same time save yourself from unnecessary races and worries that you will not have time somewhere.

6. Tightened banquet

The wedding day should end on time - for the newlyweds and guests. First, do not delay with leaving. Newlyweds should not sit at their own triumph “until the last guest,” as is customary with us. If you want your wedding night to remain strong on each other, leave the holiday about 4 hours after the start of the banquet. At the same time, completing the fun is not necessary at all - let the guests “cheat” without you. Do not be afraid that with your departure the holiday will immediately disappear - leave the guests music, and they will dance and have fun for a long time.
Secondly, the less guests you have, the shorter the holiday should be. If you have a chamber wedding for up to 20 people, the banquet will last 4 hours, 20-50 guests - 5 hours, more than 50 guests - 6 hours. If one of the guests does not have enough time, you can always continue the fun yourself - for example, in a nightclub.

Preparation 6 months before the wedding

It’s a whole six months before the wedding, so it’s worth doing the main points in the list of duties.

  • First of all, young people must submit an application to the registry office. They can go there personally, or they can fill out an application online.
  • The groom and the bride discuss all the nuances of the wedding and determine the theme of the wedding, style and direction, taking into account the personal wishes of both. For clarity, it is better to express all thoughts on paper in order to get a single picture of what was conceived.
  • The approximate budget of the wedding is determined. The bride and groom should calculate the approximate costs.
  • A list of guests is compiled. These should be the closest and dearest people, and those that the young people really want to see at their wedding.
  • Determined with the venue of the wedding. It can be a restaurant, a banquet room, nature or any other desired place.

What to do 5 months before the wedding

Five months before the wedding, the young must finally decide on the venue of the celebration and agree in advance with the administration. It is necessary to conclude an agreement and make an advance payment. After the couple determines the style and theme of the celebration, it is necessary to discuss the design of the banquet hall with the restaurant and approve the menu.

What to do 4 months before the wedding

Four months before the wedding, you can do the selection and purchase of wedding accessories, decor and jewelry. To do this, you need to determine the color scheme and style. All accessories and decorations should be made in the same color and style. They can be bought at wedding stores, ordered online and made independently. At this time, a plan should already be ready, in which all the stages of the preparation of the wedding should be indicated. It is necessary to agree with the photographer and videographer. If a couple wants to use the services of a wedding department or agency, this will facilitate the whole process. A team of competent professionals will help with the organization of the wedding from start to finish. It's time to turn to such specialists. With them, you need to discuss in advance all the details of the wedding scenario, musical design, competitions, fireworks and luminous lanterns with balls.

3 months before the wedding - invitation card time

At this time, they sign and send invitation cards, which indicate the date, time, place and theme of the wedding celebration. If a dress code is provided for guests, then this should be indicated in the invitations. The groom and the bride are choosing wedding dresses. The bride must agree with the makeup artist and stylist, having previously discussed her image, taking into account her outfit and personal wishes. Test makeup and hairstyle are done in advance for clarity. It is necessary to finally approve all the performers and make an appropriate prepayment.

Necessary purchases to be made 2 months before the wedding

This is a very important time in organizing a wedding. At this time, the menu and drinks in the restaurant are finally approved and ordered. If the wedding is scheduled for the cold season, you should take care of buying a fur coat for the bride. Also at this time, it is worthwhile to purchase individual accessories for the wedding. And be sure to do planning and preparing for your honeymoon. To do this, you need to make a passport, apply for visas and make the necessary vaccinations.

2 days before the wedding

At this time, you can take the prepared drinks and alcohol to the restaurant, where the celebration will be held. You need to once again measure the wedding dresses and make sure that everything looks perfect. Prepare all accessories and underwear.

1 day before the wedding

The day before the wedding you need to relax and sleep well. No need to overload yourself with other worries or bad thoughts. The bride and groom prepare rings and passports. The bride once again needs to call the makeup artist and stylist to clarify the appointed time. Best of all, if beauty masters come to the bride's house, so as not to lose precious time on the road.

No matter how thorough the preparation is, sometimes there are times when something is not going according to plan. It is very important not to be upset, but to enjoy your holiday. After all, this day will be memorable and will be remembered for many years.