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The easiest way to make a toy with your own hands is to assemble it from chenille wire. Sewing soft bears and toy clothes, masterly modeling from plasticine, building castles from complex designers is all later, and in the first steps of joint work with a child there is nothing better than an obedient, soft, fluffy chenille wire. It is easy to operate, which allows you to get an impressive result without much hassle, which means you can quickly attract the kid to the creative activities, which are so necessary for the development of fine motor skills.

The finished starfish can be used not only as a toy, but also as an ornament for hairpins or elastic bands for hair, a fragment of a homemade greeting card, part of a fridge magnet.


  • two pieces of chenille wire 15 cm long
  • two pieces of chenille wire 30 cm long
  • plastic eyes with a diameter of 1 cm
  • glue
  • scissors

How to make a toy

We place in the center both parts of the chenille wire of 15 cm.

We put on top a strip of wire 30 cm long.

The lower part of a long length of wire we twist the center, bending the edge back and up.

We bend the bottom of the wire to small ends. We walk in a circle, wrapping the long end on all sides of the starfish through one.

We form a starfish, its sharp ends - we raise the wire a little higher and make a revolution. Then we go down to the base and to the next side, we rise by 1 cm.

We make a turn of the long side of the wire around the short one and continue to circle.

So do with each side until the wire ends. We fix the end to one of the short sides of the starfish. If necessary, remove the excess with scissors to gently fix it.

We take the second strip of chenille wire 30 cm long. We fix to one side at the top. We continue to walk in a circle so that the starfish is twice as large in size.

So the long wire ended. We remove the tip to gently fix it.

We fix the tip of the last long strip of chenille wire.

We remove all five short ends of the starfish.

Finally, glue the plastic eyes with clerical glue.

Chenille starfish is ready!