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Housing in New York: a room or apartment in Manhattan for $ 50


Housing in New York is one of the main travel expenses. If you find cheap hotels or other cheap accommodation in New York City, you can well reduce the cost of the trip. In this article I will share with you 7 secrets of how to live cheaply in New York, as well as my own experience, tell you the secrets of cheap accommodation, give specific addresses, prices and names. And also I will share a life hack how to reduce my spending to almost zero.

Where to look for housing

We will proceed from the fact that you do not have friends in NY, which means that you have to choose options yourself. There are three main possibilities:

  • Hotel,
  • Separate room,
  • Apartment or apartment,

Most tourists choose hotels. They can be picked up on specialized sites, for example Booking, Trivago, Agoda and others. Focus on the figure that you will not find anything cheaper than $ 40 per day. In order not to manually compare prices at all sites, we recommend using the Hotellook service, which will compare the cost of a room on 20+ large sites and issue the cheapest offer. To search, use the link or the form below:

A separate room is an option that is comparable in price and sometimes slightly lower than accommodation in any Hotel. The level of comfort and convenience depends on which option you choose. Most often, it is lower than in a hotel room. But the room will allow you to live in New York as a local. On the Internet there are a number of services for online selection, for example, AirBnB.

Try to find an option where the owners will live in the apartment besides you. If the owner himself does not live and rents his property in rooms, then there is a great risk that this will not be an apartment, but a passage yard. With all the ensuing disadvantages.

Apartments, a full apartment or even a private house - this is an option for those who want complete independence. Cost is higher than hotel accommodation in the same area. Ideal for those traveling with a large company. To rent 2 BDR apartments is usually cheaper than two rooms. For selection, also use the AirBnB service. It gives good guarantees for guests, for example, assistance in case of problems or inconsistency of the object and its photographs.

I have already introduced you to the areas of New York. Manhattan is the most expensive, it is also the most convenient, since the main attractions and tourist places are located there. On the Internet, I often come across the opinion that you need to live there. It is partially true, but arguments such as:

  • I will save time on trips
  • I will save money on transport,
  • I will live in real New York

All this is a legend, a lie or a common delusion. Manhattan is huge, and wherever you live, you still have to spend time traveling and spend money on it. Moreover, the MetroCard, which is a travel card, allows you to ride unlimited for 7 or 30 days, depending on the type you have chosen. Any New Yorker will laugh about the “real” and fake item. Many of them have not been to Manhattan for weeks, preferring not to meddle there again.

However, Manhattan remains the main place to live on a tourist trip. Everything else is less convenient. Look at the map of the location of the hotels:

Please note that hotels are concentrated in Manhattan, and in other areas their density is much lower. This is not just because demand dictates supply.

Midtown Manhattan New York Hotels

There are more than 1000 hotels in Manhattan. The main part is concentrated in the southern part of the island. Hotels in the center of New York is all that is located in this part. You can navigate through the prices thanks to the interactive map:

The cost of 1 night in Manhattan starts at $ 60 (per bed in a hostel) and reaches 180-250 for a standard 3 star. This is the price for one night. I recommend focusing on just such numbers. And for those who have a large budget, offers of 4-5 stars are suitable, the price of which starts at $ 280 per night and is in the range of 280-500. There are more expensive options, Luxury, but I will not consider them. Here is a small selection of decent mid-range options:

The cheapest double room, so it was not a hostel, but a hotel, costs about $ 90. There are several such options, and all of them are usually terrible. Best of all, this is the Bowery Grand Hotel:

An alternative to World Hotel. It can also stay alone for the night for a price of less than $ 100. There are other options, but I analyzed all the information and reviews, and these two are the best available. Although, be prepared that these are not the best places in your life.

A budget option, but more or less decent, is Hotel Mimosa. Room costs a little more than a hundred, about $ 120 per night. Its main advantage is its location, it is convenient to see the sights from it.

From not the most budgetary, but already a great option, this is Four Points by Sheraton New York Downtown. He is part of the Sheraton network, but is not a full Sheraton. This is a huge plus, since all the advantages of a networker without sky-high prices.

I stayed at this place for 3 nights at a price of $ 140 each. Recommend.

The secret to such an affordable price is early booking. But sometimes, close to the check-in date, there are good discounts. I find them through the Hotellook search engine, there is a section of promotions and sales, it always has some options, regardless of the date. Here is an example of such a discount:

Hotels in New York near Central Park

One of the best areas is next to Central Park. This is a very expensive location, so finding a hotel or even a hostel cheaper than $ 90 for 1 night will not work. On average, prices are 30% higher in this area than throughout Manhattan. An interactive map will help you navigate:

I have stayed at the Park Lane Hotel - A Central Park Hotel twice, located at 36 Central Park S. It is located next to Carnegie Hall. Despite the fact that this is a 5 * establishment, prices are reasonable (about $ 130 per night). The level is slightly lower than in the classic five stars, but overall no problems and excellent staff.

The main disadvantage of this option is that it is almost always booked a few weeks in advance, so you have to think ahead. As an alternative I recommend: Salisbury Hotel.

The location is very convenient if you are interested in places such as the Natural History Museum, Carnegie Hall or Rockefeller Center.

New Jersey - cheap good hotels near Manhattan

New Jersey - or Jersey City, is a great alternative to living in Manhattan. This is not New York in the American sense, but in ours - you just have to cross the bridge and you are already in the very center! Plus, see what beautiful views of Manhattan open, just like New York's restaurants with panoramic views.

Here you can stay for the same $ 130 a night, but this will not be a budget slave, but a full-fledged 4-star hotel, for example: Hyatt Regency Jersey City. It is amazingly located, with a unique view, almost like from an observation deck, and at an affordable price. To my friends who are limited in budget, I recommend it. This is an option for those who want to live in a decent place near Manhattan:

In addition to Hyatt, there are more than 10 hotel 3-4 stars cheaper than hundreds per day. You will not find such a thing in the center, while you are only 15 minutes from the center. The full selection is presented on the map:

Do not be afraid to live in Jersey City. He is well connected with New York. In our understanding, this is generally the same city. Look at the metro map, it clearly shows that Jersey is connected to the rest of the several metro lines:

Even getting to New York airports from there is convenient. Especially if you need to get to JFK. It is unlikely that you will experience at least some problems in terms of movement and the time spent on it. The main thing is to choose a hotel near the metro.

Brooklyn - unlike Jersey, it is a full-fledged area of ​​the city. And with him it will not be possible to crank out the same trick as staying in 4 stars for $ 100. All hotels that are located near Manhattan, tear prices. They are not deprived of guests, and the land in this area is also expensive, especially near the Brooklyn Bridge. Therefore, saving on Brooklyn is unlikely to succeed. But this area is calmer, and has a large selection:

My favorite is McCarren Hotel & Pool. This is a boutique hotel, even from the photographs you will see that it is different from the classic ones + it has an excellent panoramic terrace:

Ideal for a romantic pastime. I have never met other boutique hotels of this level and at such a price (about $ 160 for 1 night).

Of the affordable I note Greenpoint Lodge. Let him get only 2 *, but in fact it is a great hotel. Look at high ratings, ratings and reviews. Clean, comfortable and most importantly, inexpensive - from $ 75 per night.

Of course, there are other areas in the city, but I do not recommend regular tourists to stay in them. Judge for yourself, your stay is limited, and to get from Coney Island to the main attractions, you will not have enough time. Spending your entire vacation in the subway is a dubious pleasure.

How to reduce housing costs in New York to zero

Personally, I have two methods:

A large company is not only fun, but also profitable. You can rent 2 BDR apartments for $ 130 per day and share it between 4-6 people. New York is absolutely calm if you live in a small apartment with so many people. The main thing is to initially see that there were sleeping places. So you spend $ 20-30 a day, which is very cheap for NYC.

The second option is couchsurfing. The topic is already battered, but I have 3 working tips on how to increase my chances. For those who are not yet in the topic, I’ll clarify - is an online service where tourists can find a free night in any city in the world. You should not approach it as a free accommodation, as hosts (host - the one who accepts you), this is not a free hotel. This is primarily a person. Remember 3 things:

  • Fill out your profile to the maximum and go through verification,
  • Take 1-2 people at home, get feedback,
  • Write only personal messages,

The host wants to know in advance who will arrive. Post more photos, and do not hesitate to describe yourself, your interests, the country where you were, etc. All this is necessary so that a stranger has a chance to understand who you are. So you will become less unfamiliar. Next, go through the verification procedure. Now it is paid and costs about 1000 rubles a year. This is nothing compared to the price of accommodation in New York.

A profile without reviews does not inspire confidence. Try to get feedback before you start sending inquiries. To do this, take a couple of travelers in your city. And if you are from a small and non-tourist place, then find friends who will leave you feedback that he or she is familiar with you. On this, we can assume that you have prepared your profile for the most important thing. By sending messages to hosts.

Be sure to write private messages. That is, personify. Do not send boilerplate, because they are not even read. New York is a city where millions of tourists come annually, and believe me, in any host the mailbox is simply bursting with messages. Your must be special. Here is an example of a terrible message, 100% failure:

To make a personalized message, read the information on the person’s page. Identify his interests, what he is fond of. Find a clue, reflect in the message that you are interested in the person, and not in his apartment. An example of a good request:

Pay attention, the traveler told information about herself, about her companion, about their plans, and also found a clue - playing the piano. You need to do the same, or better, otherwise you will automatically be rejected or not even answered the request.

Do not ask for a long time, 2-3 is the best time. It’s more difficult to find for 4-7 days, but for a period of more than 1 week it is almost impossible. If the duration of your trip is much longer, then break it into several segments and send offers to various hosts.

Our Student Airbnb Apartment in New York

As already mentioned, NYC rental was our first booking experience with Airbnb. We rented a room in a two-room apartment in Manhattan, just next to Broadway, for only $ 50 (in fairness it should be noted that at the beginning of 2014 the dollar was much more pleasant). By the way, now there are much more options, which cannot but rejoice.

“Our” apartment turned out to be the property of Columbia University, issued to two graduate students, one of whom went home for a month in Chile and decided to rent out his room on vacation. We got a simple but comfortable room with everything you need, a great atmosphere and a very comfortable bed)) The neighbors were a guy and a girl from Chile, so Spanish was also practiced a bit before going to Mexico. It turned out that living in New York like this is much more interesting than in the standard room of a hostel or hotel.

Below are a couple of photos to make it clear what is at stake. They are not very high-quality, because then we did not yet know that Airbnb would help us out so often on trips, and that I would like to recommend it to readers of the blog (then, before going to the States, I must admit, we also have readers really wasn’t).

We have been asked more than once how to rent this particular room, and if you have the same question, I’ll say with regret that it’s not a fact that it will be rented exactly on the date of your trip. Gonzalo (the owner) rents it only from time to time when he goes on vacation. In any case, here is a direct link to this apartment on Airbnb, you can check whether it is available for booking or not. If not, see below some more similar options for the same price (plus-minutes 10 bucks).

Apartments and rooms in different parts of New York

If you want to search for yourself, select, compare housing prices in different areas of New York, you can use the links to sections with housing in different parts of the city. On the pages you can set the desired price range to immediately cut off too expensive options, indicate on the map the area of ​​interest of the city (additional options may appear when the map is enlarged), and also mark the type of housing you need (shared room, separate room, whole apartment or house).

  • Apartments and rooms in Manhattan →
    This is the heart of New York, it is in this area that the main attractions are located (you can look for additional options to the ten that I described above).
  • Apartments and rooms in Brooklyn →
    Brooklyn is very popular among tourists for living, because housing is cheaper, and Manhattan can be easily reached by subway.
  • Apartments and rooms in Queens →
    This is the area that will meet you, as the international airport is located here. Queens is also quite suitable for living in its part close to Manhattan.
  • All Possible Housing Options in New York by Airbnb →
    For the most independent))
  • All United States Airbnb Housing →
    For those who are planning a large-scale trip.

It is worth mentioning that prices vary depending on the season, so it is better to book accommodation in advance, especially if you plan to visit New York in the hot season.

P.S. Recently, apartments can also be rented on In addition, if you are fluent in English, are ready to communicate directly with the owners and are not afraid of the lack of guarantees, you can look at, I heard that you can find interesting and inexpensive options there.

Successful searches, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andryusiks

Bonuses for our readers!

- a gift of $ 20 for rental housing * on the Airbnb website **
- 10% discount on Tripinsurance

* for the first reservation with a total amount of more than $ 75
** instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

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